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During the short 6 month lease I signed with a friend, I had what I believe was the worst experience I have ever had with a rental or property management company. The experience I had with GreyStar and specifically Scottsdale Gateway apartments is a prime example of companies taking advantage of tenants, they know how much you make, they know their rent is too high, and they will give any excuse to to take deposits and charge you fees.

I understand cleaning fees, pet fees, keys missing, fee for that too... I get all that.

However, my example alone lead me to the internet to google reviews of GreyStar. Wow! I should have done this BEFORE I moved in. Well like most people who move into an apartment from another lease have little time, and end up paying a bunch of money to move, so you look for something easier, less expensive etc. Maybe you do not take as much time as you should... you know how bad could a cooperate rental property actually be? Horrible. The answer is COMPLETE TERROR.

I only had a six month lease, with another girl my age. She worked full time plus, and stayed at her parents or boyfriends most of time, and I actually lived out of state for most of the lease, staying a week maximum every month and a half of the lease term. The place was decently cleaned when we moved in, and when we moved out, the only cleaning there was to do, was dusting from the lack of being in the apartment practically the whole term of the lease.

We had NO pets at this apartment. NO food was even ate in my room. Nothing spilled or stained, their was wood flooring although the apartment minus the bedrooms.

A couch was left in the one bedroom. That was the only thing I would maybe see a fee taken out of the deposit for removal. I was willing to see my half the deposit taken just so someone could move it out the back door, a whole ten feet away from where it sat.

We ended up MONTHS later getting a call with a long list of charges adding up to hundreds of dollars OVER our initial deposit.

I could go on forever about how horrible every moment of this was. B

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Check your credit because they will send it to collections. Also, hold on to your final bill and if you have any photos before you moved.

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