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I had a client rent an apartment, and were moving from out of the country. They signed a one year lease paid their rent and deposit.

Long story short, the tenant took possession, but never moved in. Their job transfer didn't go through. They are charging the tenant 3 months rent (one top of the time that they had "possession" of the property), but will not pay me my commission. I didn't break the lease, the tenant did have possession of the property, and I'm pretty sure that commission is due with the contract is signed and the first month's rent and deposit have been paid.


I'm told that it's their policy not to pay until the tenant has lived there a certain length of time.

Monetary Loss: $1830.

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Kansas City, Kansas, United States #833499

Sounds only fair, the "tenanct signed a contract which most likely included and early termination clause. Typical industry standard is about three times rent so that is fair to let the tenant out of a 12 month legally binding contract.

As for your fee they did not receive the revenue you promised when your clients job fell through why should they pay you for something that fell through.

This is standard practice and something you as a referral source should expect. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

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