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Most recently, they've just lost all my mail. I was using a different mailbox for easy access, but then figured out for the past month and a half, they've either been chucking my mail, or losing it.

Didn't bother to call and leave me a message saying that they were going to change the lock back, and give me whereabouts of where my mail was. All a while, the fat blonde manager had the audacity to ask me of I wanted to give them permission to hold onto my mail when they postal guy dropped it off. Ya'll can't hold onto my other mail from the previous month, so why should I give you the responsibility of holding onto new mail coming in?. P.s.

it is not your business to see what kind of mail is coming in, so no you can't handle my mail. Talk about incompetency, these people can't do anything right.

Oh yeah and by the way, I've asked people at my apartments here if they like the new management, and I've just been getting bad reviews, and how they dislike new management. If Avana Grove keeps is up, they'll be losing customers faster then they can rent them out.

Original review posted by user May 23, 2014

I lived in these apartments at Avana Grove in Universal City for roughly 2 1/2 years. The management before that was awesome, never had any problems.Unfortunately the management went out of business. Then Greystar moved in, and ever since then the apartment has been going downhill.

I'm aware of the debt that Greystar is in, and they are trying to recover that, by billing residents for the small things. The Greystar here asks that you get renters insurance, which is not a bad idea, but they'll jack up your rent $200+ until you show proof that you actually have it.

Secondly, Greystar may claim to run a background check on their residents, but that's questionable. Ever since Greystar took over for my apartments, they've been moving people in who were a bit...suspicious. Not to sound rude, but a lot of them have been kind of ghetto. The people above me stomp constantly. And the kids on the second floor across from them have crazy parties, and you can smell cannabis coming from their apartment when they're partying, talk about being selective when it came to residents. The people above me, have a really annoying dog, that has barked till at least 1-2 in the morning.

Lastly,keep your lease and read it religiously, like one would do with a bible. They try to throw fast balls at you regarding violations you might be in,and will fine you for everything. Like I said, they're in debt, so they do what any reputable company would do.Try and get people to pay any amount for any little thing. Don't ever be late with rent, because if you are, they don't accept partial payments and according to my management now, if you don't have the rent up front, too bad. You're going to either have to find the money somehow or they will be taking you to court. Don't try and reason and make arrangements to pay it. (Weird considering I've lived in other apartments who are always willing to let you pay if you are late.). Anyways from what I understood, this is a new policy, that had gone into effect on a lease I signed up with back in December. Hmm.

Thankfully there aren't any other apartments here owned by Greystar, so I will moving when my lease is up into a more upscale apartment & well managed apartment.

Also I knew something was up with Greystar when they had new office people in everyday. That is a indication of a poorly run company that pretty much does not know what they are doing.

And they need to get their phones fixed. Apparently the internet was down and they couldn't receive calls. Well now, they will never pick up calls. Talk about bad customer service.

I'm out of this ghetto place. I hate it.

Anyways, if I have anything else to add, I'll reply back in the comment section.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Sorry to hear that Lbs01,

I think that Greystar may have a knack for hiring their staff straight off the streets, I wouldn't doubt it. The people at my office aren't exactly rude, at least not yet.

But they defiantly need to brush up on their professionalism, because that lack a lot around this management.

I pay $689 a month, so I'm not paying too much, but for our gates to never work and bad customer service, I think I deserve a little respect as a tenant. And while I'm paying $689/mo I think I can find something a little nicer and more spacious than these apartments for my buck.

Lewisville, Texas, United States #820560

Greystar recently took over my apartment management and it appears not only has their selction process on renters go out the window but so did their selection on office associates. These people are so rude and when i asked one of them for the corporate number she told me to google it!

I cant believe i pay 860$ a mnth to be treated like trash! As soon as i can i am out of here also!

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