Remington Park in Houston is probably in the running for top 3 nastiest, unsanitary and dirtiest Greystar properties and they charge tenants a $27 monthly trash fee for the pleasure. $27 is half of my monthly internet bill.

Needless to say, the trash fee is a rip-off. If Greystar doesn't own the trash company who extorts the tenants on a monthly basis, I would be surprised. One would think that for $27 a month there wouldn't be bags of trash all around the property. One would think that for $27 a month someone would police the property to make sure tenants abide by the trash policy.

I don't know what happened to the old property manager, but Yolanda Burke our 6 month property manager seems unwilling or unable to address the situation in a timely manner. Maybe she doesn't understand this is a public health issue. Trash attracts rodents. Rodents bring disease.

I offered to walk the property with Yolanda Burke. I took her silence as a decline. There is no trash pick-up on Friday or Saturday nights. One bag of trash is supposed to be placed in a trash receptacle.

The receptacle is placed outside of the tenant's door. Dirty trash receptacles are supposed to be taken in by 9am by the tenant who put it out the previous night. Yes, trash receptacles are supposed to remain outside all night and then brought back inside. Where I'm from, we had trash cans inside the home and trash cans outside the home - we never had a trash can that was indoor/outdoor.

The concept seems very unsanitary. I choose to walk my trash to the trash compactor located at the back of the property. These pictures were all taken ONE Sunday morning - May 4, 2014. The pictures document trash and other hazards that are a violation of Greystar policy.

I don't know if this is Greystar wide, but at Remington Park in Houston - there is clearly a culture of "i don't give a ***". I've lived here 6 years. It wasn't always this way. The Soprano's-like waste management fee being extorted from the tenants is going on 2 years old.

Remington Park was a cleaner, more pleasant place to live before being extorted $27 for the pleasure of filth. I have 18 photos, but unfortunately I am limited to 10 for posting. The tally on my monthly loss is at $648 and counting. And this is not because I don't use the trash service.

It is because tenants are not using it properly and there is little to no enforcement worth mentioning as you can see. Garbage can be found all over the property.

Monetary Loss: $648.

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Yes, it is country-wide. We all have the same pictures but ours are taken every day for over a year. they do not give a *** about any tenant in any bldg.

please write us.

oceanobldg at mail dot com.

thank you.


So you took a bunch of pictures of trash being set out on TRASH DAY. That's cool that the tenants actually put it out on time and not after the guys come around.

The bike are a violation but who says that they are not gone by Monday morning and the office doesn't see them? You did say this was on a Sunday and most offices are only staffed by a leasing agent if they open at all.

The door being open could have just been forgotten, if it concerned you so much then why didn't you walk over and shut it. Seems like you are more hung up on the $27 charge then anything.

Seems like a wonderful and nice community. The breeze ways are nice and look taken care of.

to Anonymous #1141674

been working there long Anonymous?

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