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I received my written notice of my lease expiration and pending rent increase when and if I renew my lease in October. My current base rent is $1,454.00 per month. In October, my base rent will increase to $1,744.00. This is a 20% increase, $290.00 per month.

I really love my apartment here, and have always paid my rent on time, I've had no issues with neighbors, and I love the view I have of the park.

After learning of the increase, I started to think back on my year at Alta Springs, and wanted to bring a few things to your attention.

1. My initial move in date was moved by management, 3 times, due to the apartment I reserved not ready for move in. Though this did cost me money, I patiently waited for this apartment, since my good friend lives in J-110, and I wanted this apartment, in this building.

2. In November of 2014, during the first real cold snap of the year, I went without heat for 5 days, due to the boiler not working in my building. Management brought me a space heater, but it did not keep my apartment above 40 degrees. It was freezing here. 3. After the "no heat" week, the boiler was semi-fixed, so the heat became unbearable for the next 4 weeks. They told me I could not touch my thermostat, due to the issue with the boiler, so it was above 80 degrees in my apartment for the next 4 weeks.

4. The elevator in my building gets "stuck" almost every other week, and on one Sunday morning, I was stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes, before the fire department came and had to take a crowbar to open the door.

5. In March of 2015, someone ran into the garage door in my building, and it was not repaired for 6 weeks. During this time, all of the people that did not pay for parking in the garage, were parking in the garage because they could. Some nights, I was unable to access MY garage space, because of this.

6. Someone broke into the storage units in my building, and all of my luggage that I stored in there was taken.

7. The pond fountain has not worked by my building since October, 2014, which has made this pond an excellent breeding ground for trash and mosquitoes.

8. The pool did not open until the middle of July, which is roughly half of the Colorado summer.

9. Just yesterday, 2 police vehicles were out in front, escorting a tenant moving his furniture out of building K.

10. There is a HUGE RV parked in front of building J, and it has been there for days.

11. In the green area across from the parking lot where I walk my dog, someone has pitched a tent.

So, my reason for sending you this letter, is to ask whether or not someone who rents a "luxury apartment" as the Alta Springs brochure states, should pay $1,744 for what I have had to endure while living here. It's not just about the inside of the apartment, it is also about the surroundings.

I strongly believe that I should be given some type of rent relief for a new lease. I would hope that you consider this, because I would rather not have to move out in October.

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