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I moved out on February 15,2015 and expected my deposit, as the law says, within a month of my lease being up. I lived in the complex for eighteen months and in that time in changed hands two times from the original owners.

The next owner was Judwin, which did a very good job of keeping things in order and the grounds kept up. Then the place was managed by Greystar and the place wheant down hill from the very beginning. The people starting to move out and there where quite a few empty apartments. My lease came up and I gave the required notice but am getting the run around on my deposit.

They keep telling me that my deposit was sent to a wrong address even tho they had mailed me many things in the past. Then I was told I would get my deposit in one to three business days and that did not happen.

Now I am told that it is going from Greystar Corporate office to the Reserve On Jones road and that I can come and pick it up at their office. DO NOT RENT ANY APARTMENT THAT GREYSTAR MANAGES.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of apartment lease and associated monetary loss in the amount of $200. Greystar needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Similar to everyone else here. Moved out two months ago, no issues noted by the walk through on the last day.

To date, still no security deposit.

I will never rent a property managed by this incompetent company again. They will also be hearing from a lawyer as MA laws which they believe don't apply to them state that a landlord has 30 days to return security deposits.


I just had a move out with greystar. I cleaned top to bottom and requested to be present during move out inspection.

The manager went around, complaining about items in very good condition. I called him on it and let him know I already videoed the property. My suggestion for people going to move out of any rental property, 1. Don't give them a reason to charge you.

Clean up. They cannot charge for normal wear and tear. 2. Schedule a move out inspection, so that you are present when the manager/maintenance walks through the unit.

3. Video your rental to document moveout condition. 4. Challenge during the inspection and get written documentation of what they consider defective, so that what they say and do lines up after you leave.

5. MOST IMPORTANT: read your states landlord tenant laws. They usually stipulate how much deposit a landlord can charge to move in. What they can charge for.

How long they have to return your deposit. And the big one, your recompense if your deposit is fraudulently/unreasonably withheld.

I will say, after this experience, I will avoid renting from greatest managed properties.

Puyallup, Washington, United States #1300251

Anyone interested in filing a mass lawsuit?

to Anonymous #1412584

I’m in, is happening to me right now

Puyallup, Washington, United States #1300247

I agree that Greystar is a big corporation that keep screwing with their tenants. I only lived there for one year and it was definitely not up to standard.

When I first moved in I had several things that needed to get fixed. Never did get done.

Half the amenities never was available for use. And now that I have moved out they have not refunded my check and it has been 2 months.


I'm having the same issue right now. My deposit was supposed to be returned within 30 days.

It's going on 60 days and I still don't have it. I'm going to corporate tomorrow. If I get no results, I'm suing them.

They not only took money from me, but also from a family member who I referred to the complex. These people are scam artists.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #966416

These people have stooped to stealing our hard earned money. I didn't know that professionals did that.

They put a few black folk in the leasing office and have them scam their own people. Pay day is coming.

I am a child of God. The least you do to me, you do to him also,

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