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Update by user Jul 17, 2013

July 17, 2013

Greystar is living up to its image..Greystar still evading and the residents of Memorial Club in Houston, Texas still waiting. NO letter giving us updates, NO meetings, NOTHING!

They do seem to agree with us how wonderful Memorial Club Apts are on their community info line when you call Memorial Club Apts! We residents wholeheartedly agree--the very special attributes they mention about Memorial Club is why we residents love it so much! WE DO NOT WANT OUR HOMES TORN DOWN: Mr. David Reid, Ms Perry, Mr Faith!

Please find somewhere else to tear and build. This is a small patch of land next to a dangerous roundabout. SO many stores, drugstores, high rises, low rises, condos, townhomes, etc. We have enough stores and grocery stores to feed the entire lower southern part of the US!

Whole Foods just built a store about four minutes away, a Trader Joe's not to far, WalMart, Target minutes away, 2 or 3 Krogers, Randalls...a shopping center about three minuts away. Please leave the residents and their homes in peace! We are proud that Memorial Club Apartments are 99% or more at capacity at all times! The Yuppie Set and other professionals love this place and don't mind paying the $ 1,200 or a little more in rent.

We are right next to Memorial Park. As of yet, no letter telling us we were being torn down in Phase I and II as David Reid mentioned in the Chronicle.

He sure did not tell the residents, I guess he is too busy getting his promotion in tearing down buildings in major cities to let us little people know what is going on. BUT remember: we help pay your salaries indirectly...We wish Greystar no harm..we just want our precious homes left alone at Memorial Club Apartments in Houston Texas

Update by user Jun 17, 2013

Memorial Club, and Larimer, that managed this property did an exemplary job of taking care of its tenants and also the grounds and maintenance. That is one of the many reasons Memorial Club Apts

were always 99% or more capacity full!

Many timse there was a waiting list. This place is a highly sought after place to live, especially among the Yuppie Set.

It is a quiet, relaxing community, and the residents tend to live there a very long time, the majority of them. GREYSTAR EXECS PLEASE READ: Residents and people in the entire neighborhood are in shock and disbelief in what you are doing to the residents.

Original review posted by user Jun 16, 2013

We are astounded not only what is being done to Memorial Club in Houston, which is a nice place and has always had excellent managment, but the many many complaints against Greystar from across the nation and our fellow Texans. Odessa, Corpus, Houston, I could go on and on!

The common denominator seems to be lack of caring or respect for tenants, and very poorly run properties. Greytar, in all due respect, you are not wanted here..leave us good people alone at Memorial Club. We are happy here and do not want our home torn down. Seriously, you do not have much land to build on, are right NEXT to a dangerous round a has always been here and I suspect always will be, and right next to an elementary school so probably won't be allowed to even sell beer or wine when the people of this area get through with you.

Think it can't happen? they closed down Specs! And pretty fast, too! Prime real estate area?

It (Specs) was right across the street from Memorial Club and STILL vacant after three or four years. Even before they lost license did not get that much business. And that is when this was the area to live in. NOW is downtown and mid-town.

Buying up land next to a dangerous round a bout and next to an elementary school does not sound like good business sense to us. David Reid, a manager of Greystar in Houston, said in the Chronicle that Greystar is excited about the boom of real estate in Houston. Well, Sir, you guys missed the boat in the real estate area in Memorial Park by about four years. Should go to midtown or downtown.

Leave us alone. Is a little bitty piece of land next to the roundabout..that does not make good business sense and is just making a lot of people mad like hornets..

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UPDATE:GREYSTAR SADLY IS STILL LIVING UP TO ITS SHADOWY DEVIOUS REP OF LYING AND NOT PRESENTING THE FACTS...hiding behind their lives. They do not CARE about the residents at Memorial Club and STILL have not told the residents anything!

The residents have every right to be mad and confront (in a peaceful manner) Greystar by calling their Houston Offices, Corporate Offices, all of which you can find online. These people do not mind taking our rent money each month! But they do not have the respect for the people they take the rent from to tell them the truth. All they "respect" is money.

They are not telling the press much either, my sources tell me. The letter in June is all the residents got and all it said was that Greystar had taken over management and we would see what an even better community Memorial Club would become in the months ahead! A source told me in Greystar that ALL ALONG they knew for months even when that letter went out that they planned on tearing down the complex.

The residents pay ALOT to live at Memorial Club and this very popular apartment complex is ALWAYS FULL! WHY would Greystar want to tear down a perfectly good complex that brings in alot of money?????

It is on a dangerous roundabout and next to an elementary school. BIG complexes are being built just streets down from Memorial Club. The buzz in out that they also will not fill up like expected. People want to move downtown and midtown.

Memorial Residents are MAD and want to be left alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO AWAY GREYSTAR YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE IN ALL DUE RESPECT. You have sadly proved you are not to be trusted and are not honest. A reputation is everything...and sadly Greystar does NOT have a good reputation all over the nation where they have properties. Do not take our word for it..look up on the internet for yourself.

And residents of Memorial Club, call and write Greystar's Houston and/or Corporate offices. All you have to do is look on internet under Greystar and the phone numbers and addressses will be provided for you.


I lived at a Greystar managed property and the staff was not not not very professional. I do not know what kind of training is required for a position of the managerial staff but SURELY the proper usage of conversational English is a must.

It does not make a company look good when the staff is not comprised of polished professionals.

All one has to do is look at the many many complaints against Greystar and I can guarantee you, they are right on target. This company is more about GREED then Professionalism or caring about their tenants.

Houston, Texas, United States #673961

Those are nice apartments! I was shocked when I read on here what Greystar plans on doing. Big mistake you are making, Greystar...

not the brightest move..and lying and being dishonest about it makes a bad situation even can anyone on any of your properties trust you?

Houston, Texas, United States #673855

WHY lie to people and do shady dealings behind their back? No telling what else they are up to.

They need to step up to the plate and do the honorable thing and let the Memorial Club residents alone...crikeys, they are making good money off them from rent!

The place is always full or almost full...Wake up and smell the coffee, Greystar! DO THE RIGHT THING


TOTALLY in disbelief. Why would a company not tell people they were booting them out???

And a place that is always full??? THAT does not sound too bright. You can tell alot about a company by their actions...booting people out and not even telling them is deceitful, dishonest, and mean.

That says alot about the people that run the company and the company itself...I wonder what else they are hiding?????? Come out from under the dark rocks, Greystar.

Houston, Texas, United States #671425

That is not right-I love living here and do not think is right some company can what is bordering on unethical procedures and lying and deceit for sure, take MY home and others HOME away from them. We love the Larimar staff.

Greystar, please please in all due respect, leave us alone.

This is a great place. As I sit here and type it is quiet, I can look out and see the trees, and hear the birds singing..Sarah

Houston, Texas, United States #669207

Nice people-nice complex-pay alot of rent-males Greystar money-leave the people that live their alone!

to Trey Houston, Texas, United States #669210

Mean makes Greystar alot of money! (type error above)

to Trey Houston, Texas, United States #669217

Memorial CLub is a wonderful place to live. Obviously Greystar thinks so, too, for all the nice things they are saying about it on the website and information line on the Memorial Club Office Number.

So if Greystar knows it is a wonderful place (and making alot of money off rent on a property that is 99% full or 100% full all the time) and the residents know it is a great place, DONT TEAR IT DOWN GREYSTARY! Memorial Club is well known and people terribly upset and mad that it is going to be torn down!

to Trey Houston, Texas, United States #669221

People of Memorial Club and area-let Greystar know you are upset about Memorial Club being torn Gresystar Mangement Local numbers and Corporate Office Number in South Carolina.Is on their Website GreystarManagment.Com. Write letters stating your views in non hostile manner please.

Houston, Texas, United States #669185

I looked up Greystar on here and also on the internet to see what all the noise was about. Well, Greystar, you do not have a very good rep in the U.S.

People don't give you high ratings on your management, honesty, maintenance, dealings with tenants, rent hikes that go up and up. I looked up Memorial Club Online and looks like a nice place. You charge enough rent...leave the people alone that live there. This is a stressful enough world without your company kicking them out.

What? you need more money?

They pay alot in rent evidentally and from all the comments I have read they are always full or near full. You must be crazy tearing that place down....

Houston, Texas, United States #669180

Greystar, what you doin'??? Memorial Club Apartments are nice.

I called the phone number for Memorial Club the way someone else said they did in complaint, and YOU sure think it is nice, too, from the build up you give it. ALL the things you say about it is why the residents don't want their homes torn down. Greystar, you think the place is great, they think the place is great, you make GOOD rent money off the yuppies that live there..the area does OT need any more retail.

We have enough CVS (2) enough Walgreens (2), 2 Krogers, convenience stores abound, Target, Walmart right down the street, retaurants (way too many ) and way way too many condos, townhomes, high rises. Too many not filling up--everyone wants to move to Midtown and Downtown now....

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