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I've been living in my apartment now for little less then 2 months. When I first moved in, I worked so much that I basically came home just to sleep and then back to work the next morning.

It wasn't until I started spending more time in my apartment that I started noticing that my upstairs, and downstairs neighbors were extremely loud. I would hear everything from screaming, to dogs running back and forth, to even being woken up at 5 am by people running and jumping around. I was so upset that this is what was going on that I started complaining to management and conversed mainly through e-mail. My mother, who was staying with me, complained that when I would go to work during the day, she would hear these loud noises all day long.

We both walked downstairs and spoke with the property manager Tricia. She assured us that she would send letters to the neighbors and if the issue wasn't resolved, they would be evicted. Now 7 weeks in and countless e-mails back and forth between tricia and myself and the situation is still NOT resolved. Management blamed me and told me I was to "sensitive to noise".

I'm from NEW YORK, I know what noise is, and I know that your neighbors and management should have some sort of respect for others, especially with the amount of money that I pay for a 1 bedroom apartment. Having said that I think its best to move, as management has completely let me down. This is supposed to be "luxury living", and instead I moved into an apartment with dirty carpet, black buildup in my sinks, and loud neighbors who because they've lived here longer then I have, are now running the show. As I sit here at 10:45 pm, sleepy and angry as *** that I have to get up for work in a couple of hours and I can't sleep, my upstairs neighbors are banging and stomping around.

I've gone upstairs, knocked on their door, but they don't answer.

What else is a tenant to do, when not only management but your fellow neighbors have no consideration for others.

The picture attached is what my mom and I found in my sink drain shortly after I moved in. If you appreciate black hair mixed with god knows what coming up from the drain as your brushing your teeth, then feel free to live here!!!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to "break my lease, and give me back my security deposit. 7 weeks living here is punishment enough". The author is overall dissatisfied with Greystar and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about apartment rental from Greystar was management Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Write the CEO of Greystar where he lives. Mr.

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3200 Jasper Boulevard

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begin writing neighbors. Include the notation: "Mr Faith it is indeed a living experience in your rental unit(s)."

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