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Laurels. No parking.

Handicap violations. Mold on walkways

Dog breed restrictions not monitored. Too many people living in individual apartments.

Management staff nasty. Sloppy work in apartments

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If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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The gal responding at midnight to all the tenant complaints is a Section 8 tenant at one of their LA properties working on behalf of Greystar. Sold out...


I don't see mold on the walkway. Are you a mold expert?

Just an FYI, it may seem like they are not monitoring dog breeds but if it's a service dog their hands are tied. The also can't tell you who is and is not a service dog. And yes, pit bulls, boxers, Great Danes and even Rottwilers can all be service dogs. Perhaps there are to many people in the apartments.

Call the housing department if you want. From experience, staff is often considered nasty because they have to enforce the rules and contracts.

Sloppy work in the apartments is vague. But if you don't like it then move.

to Anonymous #1424701

Since when has a boxer become a aggressive breed?

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