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Mr. Faith, CEO of Greystar Management, and his Execs, continue their continual "withholding" of information from the residents of Memorial Club Apartments--we call it DECEIT!

On the Memorial Club Apartment Website they are leasing short term and on the site have Phase I in big letters at the top of the page. Hardly any of the residents know what that means...and of this date no letter or info has been sent to the residents telling them of the tearing down of their complex, much less that it is being called Phase I and Phase II. Phase I denotes that the Westcott side of the complex is being torn down first, and Phase II denotes that the Arnot side of the complex gets torn down last. On the website there is no indication what Phase I means, which is a little peculiar for a business to do.

Mr. Faith, did you not go to college and get a degree or just have lack of business sense; or just thinking in "cents" and just do not care about the residents that are paying you good rent each month and help keep your company swimming in money? These are nice apartments at $ 900-$1,300 a month and the way you advertise them on the internet you must think so, too! So why are you tearing them down and displacing all these people from their homes? With a few repairs people would not probably mind you even going up a little bit on rent. These are very popular apartments, always at 99% or more capacity, usually with a waiting list. Why ruin a good thing, not only for yourself but for the residents?

Do you and your execs have such lack of empathy for these tenants that you feel you do not owe them any explanation of what you are doing? What are you going to do--let them know the day of the bulldozing you are kicking them out??? Your people in Houston, such as Mr Reid, told the Houston Chronicle that letters would be sent out and the residents kept informed of all the plans by Greystar concerning their homes. As of almost a month after the takeover NONE of this has been done.

Just a letter stating that Greystar was taking over management and that buildings and units would be inspected. Ms Kathy Perry even said in her letter (an exec with Greystar) that they hoped Memorial Club would continue as a good community and that the residents would see evidence of this in the coming months. Well, Ms. Perry and Mr Reid, we do not call tearing down the residents' home good public relations. Shame on you people! But mostly shame on your boss, Mr. Faith, CEO.

This just goes to solidify the truth in the complaints from all over Texas and the United States of what a deceitful company Greystar is and that their tactics border on unethical. We invite Mr Faith to meet with the residents and have the guts to tell them to their faces that he is tearing down their homes and quit hiding behind such terms as Phase I and Phase II. Come yourself..don't send your henchmen to do your dirty work.

Beautiful apartments, nice people, well-manicured grounds, minutes away from Walmart and Target and Krogers..we do not need any more retail in the area, we can assure you. Spec's, which is a very popular store with a long history in Houston, WAS closed down because of selling alcohol right down the street from Memorial Elementary. But they were not doing very good business even before then. We know this for a fact because the manager at the time told us himself. Spec's is right across from Memorial Club where they plan to build retail and right next to a dangerous roundabout, that many people in the area said is a ridiculous place to put any retail. Too many places already in the neighborhood to won't last long and you will have torn down the homes of many for no reason...

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Houston, Texas, United States #707532

LEAVE US ALONE.ALL the residents want is to keep their home.

Greystar, you have a bad rep. ALL one has to do is get on the internet and see the complaints from all over. And not just midly disgruntled residents. Even people in high rises complain of poor property management and poor communication skills on the part of the property management team.

The common thread seems to be MONEY MORE MONEY for Greystar and tough on the residents.

Tax hikes that go up up up!Quality of service on Greystar's part goes down down down.

Houston, Texas, United States #707493





That David Reid of Greystar got a big promotion.He is in charge of development in Houston.

He is the one to blame for tearing down Memorial Club.

People should write HIM.He sounds like the typical good corporate man..rise to the top ANY WAY you can--even if that means stomping on people to get what he wants....

Houston, Texas, United States #673391

This area is so so bogged down with gorcery stores, drugstores, restaurants, Trader Joe's nearby, Target, Walmart, Wholesale Goods, My Fit Foods, dry cleanes, covenience stores, high rises, low rises, town homes, condos, you know it this area has it!Greystar, leave Memorial Club Apartments alone.

Please. Go build whatever you want to build somewhere else and leave us alone. Not much room on that land anyways.

Will lose business just like all the other businesses around there are starting to.Go downtown...that is where people are now moving and want to party at night.

Houston, Texas, United States #673124

Is a great place-why would Greystar be *** enough to tear it down?????????


That isn't right-Greystar should let those people be. Isn't that bordering on not being ethical?


I was one of the unfortunates that lived on a Greystar property, You could never get through to the office-the machine was always on.Getting a maintenance issue attended to took almost an act of congress.

And then you were quizzed and they tried to talk you out of it because they did not want to spend the extra money.

Cheap and lazy and greedy..and the staff, and I hate to be rude, but were very unprofessional, came across as such, and did not sound like they had even finished high school.They did not have that polished professionalism that is needed in dealing with the public.

Houston, Texas, United States #671420

I am in shock!Great apartments.

I live here an knew NOTHING about all this. Greytar is Deceitful and unethical like some are saying. They act like fixing up some minor repairs and business as usual!

Can they get away with that??Seems unethical to me..

Houston, Texas, United States #670709

That is messed up.Those are wonderful apartments: clean, well-maintained, great management under Larimer, and Memorial Club before them.

Maintenance needs taken care of very quickly.ALL prperties should be taken care of this well! Greystar execs-you guys feelin all right? BIG MISTAKE to tear down this place.

No one wants reatail in this area OR more high rises, etc.try downtown real estate boom is there.


who would be wack enough to tear down Memorial Club???

It is a very popular place to live right next to the park.The people are real caring and is a quiet relaxing place.

Management is excellent! First under Memorial Club then Larimer. WHY Larimer sold to Greystar is a Big Mystery that no one is happy about. Why would they tear down a money maker?

Especially for some shaky retail plan they have. TOO MANY stores in this neighborhood. Spec;s across the street closed down, and yes, mainly because of selling alcohol with Memorial Elementary down the street, but their business was real slow. Real Slow.And that is when this area was hot stuff.

Now is moving to mid and down town.This area has Target, Walmart, two Krogers, convenience stores, two CVS drugstores, two Walgreens, a Trader Joe's nearby..reataurants TOO MANY...Greystar, let Memorial Club alone You have a money maker in that place and I hope Greystar has enough brains to realize that.

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