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We just moved out from The Gates this month and received a bill in the mail CHARGING us $945.00 for painting, cleaning, blinds, trash removal, & pet seal. WE LIVED THERE FOR 7.5 YEARS!!!

The painting charges are ridiculous not only because WE LIVED THERE 7.5 years but on top of that they have to remodel the apartment anyway and in the new remodeled apartments the walls are cream (vs white). They have to replace blinds anyway because new color are white (vs cream) plus the blinds in at least 1 room were NEVER touched so I have a hard time they are damaged.

We have a cat so can understand wanting to put a pet seal down but what heck did I pay pet rent for the last 7.5 years. Not certain how much it was a month like $15 - $20/mo that is $1350 - $1800 I've paid just in pet rent and I think that should more than cover the cost of seal.

I cleaned that place very well but yes it was lived in and had a good bit of wear & tear but nothing extraordinary. THEY ARE REMODELING ANYWAY!!! They putting in new cabinets, counter tops, appliances, flooring, carpet. What is left to clean??? No idea what "trash" removal they are referring too. I did a walk through to make sure we grabbed everything and as far as I know we did.

I find these charges ridicouls and unnecessary. Management still hasn't called me back yet. They were very unresponsive when we lived there so can't imagine that will change (until they don't get their money) but I will fight this.

This isn't the only issues we've had with them and kind of feel like these charges are being charged just because they think they can treat people like this.

In the zip code (which is an upscale area) where this complex is located the apartments in the same price point get a 80%+ rating on apartmentratings.com but The Gates gets a 33%. The only apartments below it are the slum lord ones where you rent by the week.

Monetary Loss: $945.

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