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I had the pleasure (sarcasm strongly implied) of having Greystar take over management for my apartment complex, The Preston on the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles, after I had already been living in the complex under my current lease for about 6 months. There are renovations that have been months and months behind schedule that were residual from the last management company and their contractor, but now that Greystar has taken over, they have decided to plow through with the renovations, one of which is to completely tear out and refloor both our pool and jacuzzi in JUNE. So their brilliant decision making has left already very angry tenants without an entire pool area including grills, fire pits, and all of the lounging area for a bare minumum of HALF A MONTH in one of the peak summer months for using those facilities. We were given very little notice, finding out by email on FRIDAY May 29th at around 6pm that it would start MONDAY JUNE 1st. This was cleverly done so that we would only have weekend days before it began which made it nearly impossible to voice our outrage with the decision!!! They also renovated our gym and have left us without dumbbells which were in the old version, promising us for months they are coming (they have not). With the absolute lack of power they have given any of the people who actually are on property, we are left helpless to the management/ownership somewhere far far away. We get to continue to pay our high rent with little to bad communication, while they "improve" for future tenants down the road.

Greystar, it has not been a pleasure knowing you, and I will be more than happy when my lease is up in October to leave this property, and continue spreading the word to everyone I know about your company. This has absolutely been expressed multiple times to the management in the front office, but they are powerless to help, because your upper management/ownership is making the bad decisions with ZERO interest in the people currently paying and residing at the Preston.

I'm attaching current (JUNE 9th, 2015 to be exact) photos of the pool and jacuzzi which are drained with the floors all ground up and spray paint markings everywhere. All of this area is CLOSED!!!!

I'm not surprised your reviews seem bad overall. Good riddance to you when my lease is up.

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