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L let's see where do I begin when I moved in I was moving out of a mold-infested apartment my husband found this place through a friend came and rushed me through my lease because they were selling the building the next day to Greystar properties. Their maintenance crew starts at the crack of dawn every day but there noise and when I first moved in they started construction and there hasn't been one day where there wasn't a bunch of noise and stuff so first problem they lied to me didn't tell me the place was sold I would have backed out right away the noise has been non-stop since I moved in I was promised a hot tub and swimming pool both of which were filthy all the time and I have never had one of the main reasons I went ahead and agreed to this take them 2 weeks to get to a job and I'm getting really frankly pretty pissed off then the next thing that happened is three different times teenagers broke into the mailboxes are going through people's mail and throwing it away but didn't have cards or checks or money in it and I watched him for about 5 minutes and I had to go down and scare them off because the cops didn't come there is no security so I had to risk my life and go down there and scare him off I put a note up on the bulletin board to warn the other tenants that the males getting stolen and they took it down next my truck got broken into and almost stolen in broad daylight in their f****** parking lot I have documented everything that has happened here I have video taped the drug deals going on as I drive down the street drop off their drugs and do a circle and go back out I watch it every night it's a drug-infested Daniel fasted neighborhood is not good for children the school in this area is a really bad school oh now I also found out that when they charge us for the water they're charging us for the water that they used to these people need to be put to a stop what are you people the Illuminati or something well I'll tell you what they messed with one b**** that I couldn't take it anymore if it doesn't stop and my leg goes up one penny more I will move out they will never find me and if they do I will file bankruptcy they are not getting one more dime from me then also if anybody here has an all-night job better make sure you move somewhere else because you will never get any sleep and one more thing Sato everybody's cars it doesn't matter if their residence residence guess they told her no reason I got pictures of that too frankly I wish I woulda stayed in my last apartment with the mold that should tell you what kind of people these are these Greystar property management people are that should tell you right there that I'd rather die from mold and live here and in closing I would love to hear from Greystar there a bunch of chickenshits they don't have any guts to face their tenants because they know what they're doing is wrong they will never rent the apartment underneath me because I'm going to stand outside and every time they try to show it I'm going to tell the people the truth so Greystar if you ever read this you messed with the wrong b**** I'm not like your other pansy *** tenants I will ruin you I will not stop till the day I die making sure that you guys don't screw somebody else the apartments i am talking about are sloans lake apartments i Lakewood colorado. If anyone wants to gey together and and make picket signs and boycott this property management company i think we can put these shysters out of business lets exercise our 1st amendment rights and speak up for the next pour soul soul they are going to screw

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Hyattsville, Maryland, United States #1259695

You said in the first sentence that your husband rushed you to sign because they were selling the property...then three sentences down, you say you didnt know??

Any place has issues....and please re read wht you are going to post before you do.....what are you saying about the water being charged for???what people and for what??The pool and the hot tub??

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