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Outside of Ruth at the front desk, my experience with Terra Vista as well as Greystar has been nothing sort of disappointing and I strongly recommend you take your search for living accommodations elsewhere. To put a very long story short, my husband and I signed a 15 mo lease in 2016 and upon receiving notice that our offer on a home was accepted, provided our notice to vacate.

While we realized it was 10 days short of the required 60 days notice, no where in the lease agreement does it stipulate that the leasee will be charged at the month-to-month prorated rate for the lapse period - which was close to $800 more than our current rent (not to mention that Terra Vista can't count and tried to charge me for 12 days, not 10). While they conceded to the 12 day error, when I pointed out multiple holes in their agreement (as I'm in contract underwriting) I was eventually told, insulted rather, that while they can understand the contract is confusing, it is what it is, completely disregarding the ambiguity that I had pointed out. In any moment where I've gone to Terra Vista Management with an issue (which was only twice, including the instance above), they've told me it is what it is. They have absolutely zero regard for the satisfaction of their residents despite what they preach and stand behind their corporate facade.

Outside of taking people's money, the staff have zero autonomy to execute any decisions and simply pass you along to corporate, which if you're looking to speak with someone, tells you to kick rocks. While I know I could have filed small claims court, it was much easier to pay, or let them steal from me rather, and wash my hands of them then prolong my dealings with them. The kicker to all of this was that while they charged us for the time lapse, they then asked if we'd be amenable to vacating early for $50 as they accidentally re-leased the apartment prior to us leaving.

We laughed. Do NOT rent here - the least I could do is save potential renters the trouble.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greystar Terra Vista At The Park Apartments Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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