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Residents were told that Greystar would be open at least until 2019 or even maybe longer...then lo and behold the main office put their heads together and decided WE THE RESIDENTS needed to get out of Dodge by end of December 2018...just found out! MANY RESIDENTS are beyond upset...who would tell someone to leave around the Holidays?????

Many have health issues and in this tropical heat that can kill ya, are not able to go apartment hopping/looking! The big question on everyone's mind is this: why they did not wait until February or March or even April 2019 before got too hot and not around holidays...BUT NO Greystar "decided" we needed out around the holidays while they sit in their comfy homes with friends and family enjoying good surroundings. We do not fault in house property staff. It is the Houston Corporate Greystar who makes these decisions...boot someone out of their home is bad enough but around the holidays??????????

Greystar, you never fail to "disappoint" in your self-serving behavior.

A lot of us are mad pissed off and cannot believe even GREYSTAR would do this to people around the holidays! Greystar has been selfish and self-serving from the start so why should we expect them to change?

Product or Service Mentioned: Greystar Memorial Club Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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their trickery and deceit is why they have such a bad rating with the BBB...


ANONYMOUS...THIS IS FOR YOU!We are not "cryabies" we don't want to is HOW it was handled and how the residents have been lied to since 2014-2015...Greystar was not on the up and up from the minute they bought Memorial Club...they lied to Swamp Plot, the Chronicle, the is business BUT some are more honest than others..just go on the Web from all over the NATION and will see major complaints against Greystar..not little minor complaints..major ones....anon---read my is HOW it was handled and HOW it was lie after can handle a situation honorably and this was not since 2014 or dont have to be a liar.......Greystar has a bad rep all over Houston for their underhandedness and sneaky way they handle is just not how they handled the Memorial Club sound like the crybaby! :)


You don't like the fact that you have to move. Granted.

But you're coming off like the world's worst crybaby ; they didn't plot this to ruin your holidays.

Business is business and sometimes it is not pleasing to the consumer. Had they granted you a reprieve until 2019, you'd gripe that it's "right after the holidays", "in the winter", "some bad words ***, or whatever to express your basic displeasure at the disruption.

to Anonymous #1505090

LOL YOU sound like the crybaby anonymous,,,you know not of what you speak....but thanks for your comment....


I just saw review on Greystar..they have not told the truth since they bought Memorial Club about four years ago so why expect them to change? It is sad how the Business Office of Greystar just see the residents as money makers and not people...I dunno..who would kick people out around the holidays KNOWING no one is up to looking now in this heat that will last thru October/November..and then Thanksgiving and Christmas soon after...."Happy Holidays" for people at Memorial Club in sorry you all have to go thru that...I would NEVER live at a Greystar community..all one has to do is look at their bad ratings all over the US on the web..whether apts or high rises...

to Mark1975 #1501422

It's not that they don't see customers as "people" ; they just don't care. Their profit objectives do not include those who are not sitting at their table ...


Yea, Greystar business execs in Houston treat us like an afterthought....who would tear down a place and make the decision and give a date a few weeks ago knowing how hot it is in Houston and around the one time of year that is happy for people....they sit on their thrones and comfortable houses not caring about us..never have and never will

to GreenFields #1501425

Right ! Except in their minds, you're not an afterthought - you're a nuisance. They'd rather toss you today than months from now but there's probably a rule about that their lawyers pointed out ...

to Anonymous #1505094

anonymous..No LOL I am sure did not plot to ruin the holidays for residents...that is my point AND the one you made...but obviously you did not see the point I was making agreeing with you...they DO NOT CARE...but they made a big show on swamp plot and the chronicle about four years ago how they "cared' and were "here" for the residents on the other dates they had to close down. I appreciate business is business,,just don't be a sneaky sly liar and act like you care to Swamp Plot and the Chronicle..put on a big show then act another way to the residents...I was a business owner so I know their are some owners that still use ethical and moral guidelines in their business dealings...Greystar has pissed off a lot of folks in just not Memorial Club.....

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