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Update by user Feb 17, 2016

the property is not in AG but in Lompoc, Ca

Original review posted by user Feb 17, 2016

It started with a toilet problem I continually had my toilet clogged I was sure that there was nothing going into the toilet that would cause this type of ongoing problem. I went to the rental office to ask for maintenance assistance and was met with RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL response by the receptionist I let that go thinking that she was just having a bad day.

The issue didn't get resolved so the request for help continued with the same BAD ATTITUDE, RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL response from the receptionist at the desk. I asked my ex husband to speak to the lady and receptionist and the Property Manager he actually got a much better cooperation, I had suggested that the toilet be changed as the existing toilet was very old with no luck. The maintenance man that went to del with the problem complained that I had him take his shoes off before entering my apartment again very unprofessional and another bad attitude, and to boot he could not resolve the problem. It took my ex-husbands involvement in order to get the other maintenance man in to help with the problem he agreed that the toilet was very old and should be replaced with a new toilet, which he did the next day.

Needless to say it was a bad experience, this week I went to the rental office again to ask that the washers and dryers be checked because the water in the washing machines is not getting hot consequently not washing the clothes well and the dryers not heating up enough to dry the clothes, when taking my clothes out of the dryer they were still wet. When I went to speak with the receptionist in the office again I was met with a BAD ATTITUDE, this time THE ROLLING OF THE EYES AND THE SHAKING OF THE HEAD AND JUST AN OVERALL UNPROFESSINAL POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONSE. I pay the rent on time every month I take good care of the apartment I do not no one from Greystar is giving me anything I pay for everything I get and the washers and dryers are very expensive to begin with at least they should work well. I spoke to my ex-husband and he went to the Office and spoke to the apartment Manager he was very upset and gave her an very pointed talk.

When I asked for the maintenance man to come back and check the toilet again he did so with RUDE REMARKS RUDE GESTURES and again complained about having to remove his shoes and had the nerve to ask if my apartment was that clean that he had to remove his shoes I assured him that it was and to take his shoes OFF before entering my apartment. When he was finished dealing with the toilet, as he walked out of my apartment I realized that the bag that he was using to take the snake out of my apartment had a hole in it and was leaking dirty water out onto my carpet the RUSE comments and gestures like holding his nose is uncalled for. If the employees of this company do not like their job duties maybe they should find another line of work. My ex-husband went and spoke to the apartment Manager again he was very upset and told her that this was the last time he would be respectful when coming in to speak with them.

Overall living here has been a terrible experience and when I am able I will be glad to move out. Your employees are RUDE the have BAD ATTITUDES and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL to say the least.

I don't have photos or receipts as I did not spend any money with the exception of the wasted quarters on the washers and dryers, and another issue with the washers and the dryers is the amount of DOG and CAT hair you should have different washers and dryers for tenants with dogs and cats it's gross having to clean out dog and cat hair from the washers and dryers before using them. This place basically is *** and I cant wait to get out of here

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service and maintenance. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of greystar properties fountain palms apartments. Greystar needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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