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On August 31th My husband and I went to Elan Maison and we were informed that there was a special promocional by the time and they were not charging the application. As we never did one before, Paul did an application for us and he informed us that we were pre-approved.

He asked for a security deposit of $500,00. Before we paid we asked if this security would returned to us. And he told that as there was this promotion if we were no approved the full amount would returned to us. On September 9th, they told us we were not approved, I asked about the security deposit and they told me that they have to charge 1 application.

And we would receive back $375,00 and we would have to wait 30 days to receive the check. I told that was not right because they did not tell me that. But I understood, it was a new building and everyone can make a mistake. But then today, October 30th I went to the office to get the check and the amount was $250,00 I talked to the manager and she told me that they charge $125,00 per person, so total $250,00.

I tried to explain that when Paul did the application for us he told me that they would returned the full amount, and then I week later, he told me they were gonna charge $125,00 and now they just gave me a check of $250,00. So, this is not right. They did not apologize for their mistake, and did not try to solve this, because we don’t have to pay for the company’s employees mistake. I believe Greystar is a serious company I’m giving you the opportunity to make things right.

I really expect to have my money back. Even thought is not much, the bad faith can not be encouraged.

Thank you so much. I look forward to hear from GreyStar

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You have failed Complaining 101.

What is Elan Maison ?

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The name of the property, moron.

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